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Lakshay Chaudhary All you need to know about him

One thing that everyone says about Lakshay Chaudhary that he is an Amidst a horde of creators on Youtube, someone is making a mark together with his content at a young age. Lakshay Chaudhary, a 21-year old Youtuber from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh currently with 1.14 million subscribers is getting complete backing from his audience.

He started his journey by making vines the same as Ashish Chanchlani did and landed up at an area where he wanted to serve factual opinions to his viewers most entertainingly and funnily. He has always presented himself as a full Desi boy and his rawness has always resonated together with his audience. repeatedly, he has given a different perspective to the viewers from his videos, which has shown a sensible and sensible side of such a young mind. Despite being a teenager, Lakshay Chaudhary is one among the few Youtube creators who provides funny content with social messages in them.

wiki biography intro and all

  • Real Name (Full Name) Lakshay Chaudhary
  • Nick Name: Luckey
  • Famous For Roasting Videos
  • Profession Youtuber
  • Also Known For Social Media Influencer
  • DOB (Date Of Birth) 30th September 1999
  • Age 21 Years (As of 2020)
  • Birthplace Sisoli, Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh
  • Hometown Sisoli, Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh
  • Current City Sisoli, Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh
  • Religion Hinduism
  • Nationality Indian
  • Zodiac Sign Aries



  • School Not Available
  • College Not Available
  • Educational Qualification Not Available
  • Height (approx.) 5’10”
  • Weight (approx.) 64 Kg
  • Hair Color Black
  • Eye Color Black
  • Body Measurements (approx.) Slim



  • Father Not Available
  • Mother Not Available
  • Brother Not Available
  • Sister Not Available

He remains single and there’s not any information that we’ve regarding his father and mother and recently he shared a post on his Instagram during which we will see that he’s alongside his friends.



  • Marital Status Single
  • Affairs/GirlFriend No
  • Current Relationship Status Single


Social media status

Along with his videos, Lakshay also raised many social media issues which include his ‘How to Impress Girls Series’, where he usually roasts the people that slide into the DMs of women and irritate them. His content is sort of relatable for his audience, which is why he has built a tribe of his own. But, with expressing blunt opinions comes a mixture of affection and hatred hand-in-hand. But that never bogged him down. Speaking about the hate comments, He said, “If you recognize you’re doing right you’ve got to stay moving. I pity people that spare their time to hate me.”

About his future content, He says, “You can expect tons of latest experiments as social issues are going around. I think I want to talk about the important issues with my very own sense of humor.” Let’s see what the longer term holds for this Youtuber. 

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He was born on 30th September 1999 (21 years old in 2020) in Sisoli, Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh, India. Later, He shifted to Muzaffarnagar. Lakshay completed his schoolings at M.G.Public School, Muzaffarnagar. He completed his B.Sc (Honours) in Physics From the University of Uttarakhand, Dehradoon.

In 2017, Lakshay decided to form comedy sketches and uploaded them on Facebook, but it didn’t go well.

So in January 2018,He decided to form roast videos and uploaded his videos on his Youtube channel: Lakshay Chaudhary, From there he never looked back, did the diligence with more dedication and now he’s one-of-the-best Indian roaster.


Lakshay Chaudhary started his Youtube channel in 2017, he made comedy sketches and uploaded them, but it didn’t go well.

So he decided to form roast videos. Lakshay’s first roast video that got viral was Love School Roast.

The way to Impress a woman on Chat series is additionally loved by the audience.

Hewas one of the initiators of the Youtube vs TikTok controversy. He roasted a couple of TikTokers in his video which video got immense popularity.

But, Suddenly his video was taken down by Youtube under some community guideline violation.



  • Youtube:102 Videos, 1.16 Million Subscribers, 70 Million Views (April 2014)
  • Instagram: 100+ Post, 160K Followers
  • Facebook Not Available
  • Twitter:18K+ Followers
  • Other Youtube Channel Lakshay Noob: 13 Videos, 61K Subscribers, 500K Views (June 2020)


Lakshay Chaudhary was one among the Initiator of Youtube Vs TikTok (2020) which ended after the ban of TikTok in India. The controversy went over an extreme level after the deletion of Lakshay’s Video and Carry’s Video.

Article Published within the Media :

  • Forbes India: Lakshay Chaudhary acing content creation.
  • Hindustan Times: Lakshay Chaudhary and controversies
  • Salary/Income (Per Month) 1-1.5 Lakh INR
  • Net Worth 25-30 Lakh INR 


• Lakshay Chaudhary is one among the simplest Indian roasters, who roast with facts not merely with Bad-words.

• Lakshay Chaudhary’s Friend circle includes Elvish Yadav, Samrat Gaur, Lakshay Baliyan, Lakshay Chaudhary and Harsh Dhaka, and lots of others.


  • Most Viewed Video :
  • Uploaded Date: 8th Jan 2020
  • Views: 3.14 Million
  • Likes: 223K
  • Comments: 9553.

 Other Facts


  • He has quite 100k followers on his Instagram channel. 
  • His most viewed video is ‘ANANYA PANDEY’S STRUGGLE’ which has quite 3 million views on YouTube.
  • He has 2 YouTube channels named Lakshay Chaudhary and Lakshay Noob.
  • He has quite 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • His second channel has quite 50k subscribers.
  •  He completed his B.Sc (Honours) in Physics from the University of Uttarakhand, Dehradoon.
  •  His first YouTube video was “INTERNATIONAL CRICKET VS DESI CRICKET” which has quite 50k views.

Lakshay Chaudhary and controversies

When asked about his old controversial videos, he confessed that he was very new on the board, very raw, and unaware of the responsibilities and consequences in a number of his interviews.


Four years back, Lakshay started his YouTube channel and a year later he started making roast videos. Since then, he has been in controversies repeatedly. Initially, he wont to do very blunt roasting but at that point, his subscriber count was less so it didn’t bother anyone then, but now he features a huge audience and it’s been seen in recent times that he was in controversies due to his old videos. Recently, he has roasted several feminine stand-up comedians and called them unfunny and he has been called misogynist, sexist several times. But he has also mentioned several times that “if the feminine creators are saying such things for a person they call it comedy and if we do it then they call us misogynist, sexist and what not”. consistent with him, nowadays it’s very easy for the youth to fall for this social media trap and he wants to form people conscious of the very fact that what they see on social media isn’t what it is. alongside his humor, he’s giving realistic content and supported facts.

He has been in controversies when he acknowledged a number of the videos of varied creators and called their content cringe. Lakshay believes that numerous underrated creators aren’t getting the quantity of attention that they ought to get and a few are there whose content isn’t even content but doing well.

When asked about his old controversial videos, he confessed that he was very new on the board, very raw, and unaware of the responsibilities and consequences in a number of his interviews. He also mentioned that in the journey of 1 million he has learned tons that how things work here and everyone do’s and don’ts that he has got to look out of

The neighborhood of his work

Controversy has now become a neighborhood of his work because chaudhary has always been known for the authenticity of his content. Knowing about the sensitivity of social media then, not saying things that folks want to listen to but saying things that you simply want to deliver to the audience and what you think in, can assist you to stand out also as drag you towards controversies.

But he features a massive audience to please who wants to understand his views and opinions about everything trending on social media. So you’ll say that he features a great influence over his audience and that they want to listen to him say fearlessly and boldly which repeatedly ends with an issue.


He is a creator who has never feared changes and improved himself by climbing every ladder. The journey of his videos shows how progressive he’s as a content creator. within the times of following trends, he never feared experimenting together with his content and his videos. His creative self never allowed him to stay to an equivalent format. Lakshay says, “I am an audience also as a creator and as an audience, I enjoy watching various things that’s why I attempt to give an equivalent to my audience in terms of editing or a touch twisted thanks to spill beans through my poetry.” what do you think can we consider he has competition with Carry Minati ha ah-ha!

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