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Most successful Minecraft players in the world

Minecraft may be a global appearance that has gathered a player base of over 126 million, but among all those players, there’s a little group that stands head and shoulders above the remainder.

One of the foremost popular activities throughout the years for esports and sports enthusiasts alike has been debating which players are the absolute best at their given game. Minecraft is not any different from the present trend. this text is going to be taking over the challenge of ranking who are the absolute best players in Minecraft today. Determinants that will be used include progression / speedrunning ability, skill in PvP, and overall game IQ. It is the most played game after pubg let see the top ten pubg best players too.

Note: There are some incredibly talented builders out there in Minecraft, particularly with Redstone. Building ability is a completely separate sector that will be checked out during a different article.

5 best Minecraft players within the world

  • Dream
  • Technoblade
  • Illumina
  • Fruitberries
  • CaptainSparklez

#1 Dream

For the bulk of Minecraft players, this selection for the amount of one slot doesn’t come to the maximum amount of a surprise. The dream is just the premier Minecraft genius and resident professional of the sport. His active knowledge of Minecraft is second to none.

 In all aspects of sports, Dream is in a position to cleverly use game mechanics and snap-deciding to his advantage. That skill set has allowed him to be a multi-time Minecraft speedrunning record holder, and also to tug off stunts and challenges that the typical Minecraft player couldn’t even fathom having the ability to finish. People says dream is amazing as Jonathan Amaral.


  • Progression: 10
  • PvP: 9
  • Game IQ: 10

 • Overall Score: 29

 #2 Technoblade

 It is no secret that Technoblade is great at Minecraft. Considering his analysis during this video, it’s clear that he knows the ins and outs of Minecraft PvP to an expert degree. His game IQ is at an elite level, and he has the mechanical skills to back it up also. Technoblade secured a ranking on this list together with his win during a $100,000 prize dueling competition against Dream in various patches of Minecraft.


  • Progression: 7
  • PvP: 10
  • Game IQ: 10

 Overall Score: 27

#3 Illumina

 Illumina may be a true master when it involves speedrunning. He has superb Minecraft skills, and admittedly, the records to prove it, boasting six Minecraft speedrunning titles within the Java category. this is often a player that not only deserves their place during this ranking but is someone to seem out for, as he’s always improving and recuperating. As discussed during this article, Illumina features a strong chance of dominating the Minecraft speedrunning leaderboards for patch 1.17.


  • Progression: 10
  • PvP: 6
  • Game IQ: 9

 Overall Score: 25

#4 Fruitberries

 Fruit berries asserted himself as a household name within the Minecraft community together with his exceptional performance within the 11th Minecraft Championship. He ranked because the second overall player, and came within the top 5 across a majority of the categories, including in first place at “To Get To the opposite Side”. These accolades, alongside his speedrunning ability, mean that Fruitberries deserves a spot on this list.


  • Progression: 9
  • PvP: 8
  • Game IQ: 8

 Overall Score: 25

#5 CaptainSparklez

Despite being known primarily for his Minecraft music and parody videos, CaptainSparklez remains a talented Minecraft player in his title. CaptainSparklez has been an extended-time player of Minecraft, having produced his very first YouTube video about the sport way back in 2010. He was even featured in Minecraft: Story Mode, where he voiced and appeared as a minor character.

 He could also be a touch past his prime, but over the past year, he has been performing on sharpening his Minecraft skills to bring them back to the elite level they were once at.


  • Progression: 6
  • PvP: 5
  • Game IQ: 7

 Overall Score: 19


The dream got most of the tricks from Reddit. he’s a sensible and an excellent MC player (Not getting to lie, him speedrunning with 4 hunters?!). I prefer both Techno and Dream, but in my opinion, techno may be a bit better because he beat Minecraft with a wheel, beat dream during a 1v1. and therefore the majority of Dream’s community is salty and quite stubborn (I’m not saying all, because if you wish Dream, that’s ok.) once I visit many of Techno’s stans, many of us are just boring (same again, I’m not mentioning all). Dream’s community is what I call more toxic, and a few ever s**utilize dreams and people, which is simply purely disgusting. If the community doesn’t count, Dream also has been beaten repeatedly in Minecraft Mondays. And remember Technoblade’s potato war? Yes, he had tons of tactics and methods, too, like Dream. If you do not know what the Potato War is, I like to recommend watching his skyblock series. Their contents are both awesome, while Dream’s video is like watching a movie, while Techno’s maybe a comedy, action, and entertainment. If you afflict my opinion, that’s fine, and be happy to possess a counter-argument and post it on the comment section below. And let’s make it a good argument with respect

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