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Top 10 Best Pubg Players in India 2021

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we’ve chosen the best pubg player in India. everyone is good at pubg but not best that’s why we choose the top ten best pubg players in India. The PUBG Mobile India Series was the unofficial finishing point for the Spring season and although 7 Indian teams are set to represent the region within the World League Season Zero, the remainder of the teams will need to try again next time.

While teams still play in other tournaments like the PUBG Mobile India Series and other third-party events and scrims, it’s time to require a stock of which players have impressed throughout the spring season. Here’s our pick for the top ten best pubg players in India 2021.

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Who Is The Best Pubg Player In India As Of Now

  • Sc0utOP Orange Rock
  • Ted SynerGE
  • GiLL Orange Rock
  • Vexe Megastars
  • Clutchgod – TSM-Entity
  • Owais Fnatic
  • Mavi Orange Rock
  • Seervi SynerGE
  • Jonathan TSM-Entity
  • Zgod TSM-Entity

10. Sc0utOP Orange Rock

No list is complete without Sc0utOP one of the top ten best pubg players in India 2021. 

It has been a rocky season for Scout and Fnatic, but his recent move to Orange Rock could also be the key to unlocking some new secrets. While we all know that he’s an insanely talented player within the mid and long-range, whether the super team will work are some things that we are yet to seek out out. While Orange Rock had a decent run till the semifinals stage at PMIS, they completely broke down within the finals.

Of course, An outsized part of this has got to do with their IGL, Mavi having some issues together with his health, but it had been still disappointing for the fans. Everyone expects great things from Scout and while the player is usually within the headlines, his trophy cabinet does feel a touch empty at the instant. Like everyone else on this list, he too is going to be in action at the planet League, which kicks off at the top of the week.

9. Ted SynerGE

An experienced player who brings a replacement depth to the squad one of the gamer who listed for the top ten best pubg players in India 2021.

Ted joins the list in ninth position, with consistently high-level performances in official and third-party tournaments in recent months. The player was the third-highest fragger within the PMPL South Asia league stage and is one among the few players within the Indian circuit, who has been around for such an extended time. His experience and maturity are going to be invaluable to SynerGE within the World League and can hopefully make a difference in improving their performance from last season.

8. GiLL Orange Rock

Rosters change, talent stays best Indian pubg player 2021.

Arshpreet ‘GiLL’ Singh was Godlike’s (now NovaGodlike) best performer within the PMPL and an important part of why the squad managed to qualify for the planet League. While he has now joined Orange Rock alongside Mavi, Sc0utOP, and Daljitsk, GiLL has managed to offer everyone a glimpse of his famed skillset. He was the third-highest fragger within the PMPL South Asia Finals and therefore the 10th highest within the league stage. 

Fans can’t wait to ascertain how he and his new superstar lineup are ready to work together and the way well they’re ready to represent India on a worldwide stage. it’s getting to be his first major international tournament and GiLL seems to be the sort of player who should be ready to intensify and shine, regardless of what’s put ahead of him.

7. Vexe Megastars

A player that everybody is watching at the instant. He might seems to be young but he is the best pubg player in india.

A rising star within the Indian PUBG Mobile community, Vexe may be a young talent who has impressed everyone together with his skills. one among the key members within the Megastars roster that has qualified for the planet League, Vexe was the second-highest fragger within the PMPL South Asia League stage. 

The young star is one of the most well-liked prospects within the region and with consistent fragging and good game sense, has managed to form a reputation for himself. But every week, he is going to be a neighborhood of the planet League, where Megastars takes on a number of the simplest teams and players within the world. which will be the most important test in Vexe’s career up so far and it’ll be interesting to ascertain whether the player can delay during a high environment.

6. Clutchgod - TSM-Entity

Success at every stage

Having inherited the limelight after winning the PUBG MOBILE India Tour in 2019, Clutchgod has shown no signs of stopping. From SouL to TSM-Entity, the player has managed to form an area for himself everywhere and has only gotten better with the experience from past events.

The in game leader for TSM-Entity, Clutchgod not only enables his star players to travel and frag out but is additionally consistently on the charts himself. He was the highest fragger within the PMPL South Asia Finals – a true testament to his team’s aggressive kill-heavy playstyle.

It’s fair to mention that he has one among the foremost difficult roles within the team and although it’s going to not be the foremost apparent, he and Neyoo need to be the foremost versatile and adaptable players within the squad, while also contributing to the kills.

5. Owais Fnatic

Owais has been the shining star in Fnatic

Despite a mediocre season in terms of results, Owais remains one of the fan favorites within the country thanks to his long history and incredibly high skill level. A dependable figure within the team, Owais isn’t only the first in-game leader for Fnatic but an exemplary performer who seems to always contribute with kills and assists. The arrival of Maxkash seems to be working for the squad as Fnatic’s second-place finish at PMIS 2020 proved. Owais was the 5th highest fragger at PMIS.

While Fnatic might not have qualified for the planet League and can presumably be playing third-party events for subsequent few months, fans of the player are going to be happy to understand that Owais is going to be seen at World League, where he is going to be twiddling with Megastars.His experience and flexibility are going to be extremely useful assets for the team and that we can’t wait to ascertain what he’s ready to achieve with Megastars.

4. Seervi SynerGE

Mr.consistent the best pubg player in india 

While he might not be the foremost popular name on the list, Seervi is one of the region’s most consistent performers. With a heap of endowment and fragging power, Seervi also calls the sport for his team and has slowly but surely developed into an incredibly well-rounded player. He has helped transition his team to becoming a way more kill-heavy play style and although the team has some trouble with placements and consistency, they need to improve massively when it involves fragging.

Seervi placed 4th and 6th respectively within the PMPL South Asia League stage and finals and made one among the foremost memorable plays of the tournament when he clutched a 1v3 versus eventual champions, Celtz to win a chicken dinner. Service, alongside SynerGE, is going to be a neighborhood of the planet League, and while their last international outing wasn’t the foremost memorable, he is going to be hoping for a far better showing, this point around.

3. Mavi Orange Rock

Orange Rock’s Mavi is one of the sharpest minds within the region the best bubg player in india

Considered to be one of the neatest players within the region, Mavi is undoubtedly the simplest IGL in India at the instant. With a high-level understanding of the sport, Mavi is in a position to steer his troops with incredible efficiency and effectiveness and is one of the key reasons behind Orange Rock’s rise to fame. he’s also a very strong fragger who is in a position to nearly always contribute alongside calling the shots and planning. 

Another strong suit in Mavi is that the incontrovertible fact that his usage of utility is far and away from the simplest within the country and he has shown this very consistently. Individual skills aside, what seems to be the foremost redeeming factor about Mavi is that he will always play for the team and isn’t afraid to try to do the dirty work for his teammates. Whether it’s in terms of scouting, playing risky angles, being the primary one to travel in, or baiting for his team, Mavi may be a leader who leads from the front.

Having led his team to an excellent win at the PMPL South Asia League stage, where he was also the fifth highest fragger, Mavi may be a player who features a lot of potentials. With new teammates arriving within the roster, he now features a stronger arsenal to figure with and therefore the upcoming World League is going to be an honest test for Mavi and his boys, as they are going up against the simplest of the simplest within the world.

2. Zgod TSM-Entity

One-half TSM-Entity’s deadly duo one of the second top best pubg players in India 2021

Having dominated the Indian circuit in recent months, TSM-Entity is undoubtedly the highest dog within the circuit. The addition of Abhishek ‘ZGod’ Choudhary at the start of the season has helped the team improve on their performances and brought them to a replacement level of domination.

God isn’t just a prolific fragger but an insanely smart player as well; his ability to solo carry his team, especially if TSM takes some early casualties, is second to none. one among the foremost dependable names in India, God may be a name who features a bright future ahead.

God’s ruthlessness and large brain play in-game seem to be the polar opposite of his personality in the real world, where he comes across as extremely jovial and good-spirited. He was the 7th highest fragger within the PMPL South Asia League stage and within the recently concluded PMIS 2020 finals, he was awarded the Annihilator award for being the player with the foremost amount of injury.

1. Jonathan TSM-Entity

This one was really a no-brainer “OMG” the top best pubg player in India 2021.

There’s just one name that involves mind once we tell India’s best PUBG Mobile player, and Jonathan Amaral has proved time and again that that name is his. The 19-year old player is nearly always within the top 5 fraggers list in every tournament he participates in, if not at the very top.

Excelling in almost every department and protected by a squad who needs to take the highest 4 spots during this list, Jonathan’s ability to seek out kills in every situation and take gunfights confidently makes him a nightmare to affect. There’s no argument to be made about which player deserves the highest spot and if you recognize someone wants to disagree, we’d adore to seek out out why.

Recent performances include being the highest fragger at the PMIS 2020 finals and therefore the PMPL South Asia League Stage. He was also the second-highest fragger within the PMPL South Asia finals, just behind his teammate, Clutchgod. There’s simply no point mentioning the countless number of massive plays and clutches that the player has made, but a 16 kill performance on day 2 of the PMIS semifinals is one that we’ll all remember. know more.

Let us know who you’re top 10 players are for the primary half of the year within the comments below.

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