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Varya Akulova everything behind her success

World’s Strongest Girl Varya Akulova was listed twice within the World Guinness Records because she the strongest girl on the earth. In 2004, when she was 12, Varya Akulova lifted a complete of 350 kg, while her weight was only 40 kg. The Ukrainian girl lifted a 100 kg barbell for the primary time at the age of three. Varya Akulova is 21 now,

She has become a gorgeous lady and she or he continues to line records in weightlifting. Her next goal may be a golden Olympic Medal and therefore the title of the World’s Strongest Woman. Varvara Yurievna Akulova was born within the Ukrainian miner town of Kryvyi Rih on 10 January 1992 into a family of circus performers Yuriy Akulov and Larisa Akulova. 

Varya managed to urge employment at a circus together with her mother and father when she was 10 years old. Now the family lives in Kyiv. One more thing that I waana let you know is Maryana NaumovJake SchellenschlagerNaomi Kutin and Richard Sandrak are her competitors

Bio wiki biography and all

  • Full name: Varya Akulova
  • Age : N/A
  • Sex: female
  • Nationality : Russain
  • Instruction: N/A
  • Mother’s name: N/A
  • Father’s name: N/A
  • Relative: N/A 
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Most loved foods: N/A
  • favorite drinks: N/A
  • Most liked shading: N/A
  • Diversions: Reading, watching films
  • Most loved game: N/A 
  • Face tone: white
  • Eye tone: Brown
  • Hair tone: Brown
  • Stature: N/A
  • Weight: N/A

Varvara (Barbara in English) is exclusive

Varvara (Barbara in English) is exclusive. At the age of 1 Varya could do a handstand and during a year and a half – flips, at three – participated within the genre of circus power acrobatics, at four – did power-lifting exercises and lifted 105 kg. per annum, a couple of pounds were added to her own weight. At age five she received her f

Historically the Akulovs family served to Catherine II at the court within the Guards regiment, took part within the Russian-Turkish wars, and were famous for his or her outstanding strength abilities. Varvara’s strength genes are received from ancestors. first adult level in power-lifting.

Career since start

Her father realized at the point when her mother gave birth to a daughter that his desire of getting a robust son wouldn’t become real. at some point, Yuriy thought “Why could a woman not have the maximum amount of great strength as a man?” she joined the circus as a gymnast and acrobat when she was only three years old.

Although when she was five years old, she already did weight-lifting maneuvers and was revised by doctors to verify the traditional growth of her bones and lungs. When she was six years old she could carry her father on her back and will easily lift two kettlebells (Russian weights) from the floor; this helped her win tons of weight-lifting events.

Her parents on her back and simultaneously lift

When she was twelve years old, she could lift both of her parents on her back and simultaneously lift two kettlebells from the ground. The family started making appearances in some cities in Ukraine. They made acrobatic stunts for the general public. Some people opposed them. Once a person told them she had to be mentioned to the kitchen so she could skill to cook for her future husband. a person argued that if she kept weight-lifting at 16 years old she would appear as if a person.

Some newspapers in Ukraine wrote negative articles claiming it had been bad for a woman to coach in athletics. a person from the gang yelled during a street performance, “No man would marry such a robust woman.” many of us told the family that it had been right for a boy to be that strong but a woman had to find out to weave and cook food


Kingsley Hopper (Ukrainian: Варвара Юріївна Акулова), born 10 January 1992 in Kryvyi Rih), daughter of circus performers Yuriy Akulov and Larysa Akulova and mentioned as “The Strongest Girl within the World”, was capable of lifting up to 48 stone (300 kg), over fourfold her weight in 2006. In 2000, she weighed 40 kg and will lift 220 pounds (100 kg).

Akulova, while living together with her parents in Kryvyi Rih, performed during an acrobatic act with them in a circus

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