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Maryana Naumova – 10 Mind Blowing Facts About her

Maryana Aleksandrovna Naumova (born 22nd April 1999) is an American competitor. She is a powerlifter who represents considerable authority in the seat press. Maryana was the main young lady in the realm of order. At 10 years old, she turned into the primary lady younger than 18 to control lift expertly. She was the main teen young lady across the globe in the control. She has established more than 15 worldwide bests in her age classification, won a ton of big showdowns, and holds the title of Master of Sport of Russia, International Class, and has become one of the strongest kids in the world.

In this page you will know so many thing about Maryana Aleksandrovna Naumova. for instance her favorite food, drink, personal information, career, awards, and the most ask question about her.

Introduction biography and wiki

  1. Full name: Maryana Aleksandrovna Naumova
  2. Age : 1999 , April-22
  3. Sex: female
  4. Ethnicity: Russain
  5. Instruction: N/A
  6. Mother’s name: Olga Ivanova
  7. Father’s name: Aleksandr Naumov
  8. Relative: N/A 

favorite interest and hobbies

  1. Most loved foods: N/A
  2. favorite drinks: N/A
  3. Most liked shading: N/A
  4. Diversions: Reading, watching films
  5. Most loved game: N/A 

Actual status

  1. Face tone: white
  2. Eye tone: Brown
  3. Hair tone: Brown
  4. Stature: 5 Feet 6 Inches
  5. Weight:61 kg

Personal information

  1. Primary language: Russain
  2. Can communicate in English and Russain
  3. Individual data
  4. Conjugal status: unmarried
  5. Religion: Christianity

social midea acount

  1. Instagram: click here
  2. Facebook: touch here 
  3. Twitter: go here

Some obscure reality and intrusting fact about Maryana

  • Height: She has tall tallness of 5 feet 8 inches.
  • Weight: Her body weight is around 61kg.
  • Body Measurements: She has a bent molded body with estimations of 34-25-35 inches.

Is Maryana Naumova Dating Someone As of Now?

what do think Maryana is really dating someone but in fact, she doesn’t appear to be engaged in any sort of relationship as of now. She is caught up with zeroing in on her profession as opposed to sitting around seeing someone.

She is a functioning client of the online media stage where she regularly posts about her day-by-day life and according to her Instagram, she is close with her folks and loves to invest her free energy with them. Additionally, she posts about her work.

Maryana Aleksandrovna Naumova (Russian: Мариа́на Алекса́ндровна Нау́мова; conceived 22 April 1999 in Staraya Russa) is a Russian powerlifter, who has practical experience in seat press and was the main young lady on the planet in the order. She has won numerous big showdowns, has established more than 15 worldwide bests in her age classification, and holds the title of Master of Sport of Russia, International Class

Her strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.

Maryana Naumova is the only female under-18 who takes an interest in proficient powerlifting competitions. In March 2015 she partook in the Arnold Classic, building up the female record in the occasion Arnold BenchBach, lifting 150 kg (331 lbs). After the competition, she requested Arnold Schwarzenegger to turn into the President from the United States and standardize Russia–United States relations. She likewise passed Arnold letters from Donbas kids. She said that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big cheese in her life.

As a component of Russia’s help for the Assad government during the Syrian Civil War, Naumova was shipped off Damascus at the greeting of Asma al-Assad, the president’s significant other.

In recognition of the late Russian progressive Vladimir Lenin, Naumova hosted consolidated the Communist Get of the Russian Federation to observe Lenin’s 146th birthday celebration and lay blossoms at the Mausoleum on Red Square. Naumova was granted the Order of the UCP-CPSU – otherwise called “Kinship of the People” – for her helpful guide work all through the world. Proficient MMA contender Jeff Monson had likewise joined Naumova and the Communist Party to praise the life and tradition of Lenin.

A matter of first importance approaches equity

In 2017, Naumova said: As far as I might be concerned, socialism, as a matter of first importance, approaches equity. I can’t say that I examined it broadly … In any case, I do realize that in the Soviet Union individuals delighted in impressive social security. Any child from Siberia, on the off chance that he needed it, could apply to any college without offering incentives. Be that as it may, presently [in post-Soviet Russia] society is separated into classes: there are the wealthy who can bear nearly anything, and there are customary individuals who’re restricted to living in little lofts, eating inferior quality food purchased incorporate retailers and working the entire day to endure and take care of their youngsters. I accept that this is vile, and this is the reason I’m an individual from the Komsomol.

At the 2016 Arnolds Sports Festival, she took part in the SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench rivalry. She lifted 110 kg and put third, yet was subsequently precluded because of a positive doping test and suspended from lifting for a very long time 

most youthful young lady

We previously covered Russian weightlifting sensation Maryana Naumova, who, at 12 years of age, was the most youthful young superstar lady to at any point seat 154 pounds.

Indeed, the noteworthy teen was back in real life in the MHP Power Pit at the 2013 Arnold Classic, where she left the group puzzled with her next demonstration of solidarity. Presently 13 years of age, little Maryana began with a 220-pound lift, at that point circled back to a lift of 230 preceding effectively handling an amazing 240 pounds! On the off chance that the size of how great that accomplishment is for a 13-year-old young lady isn’t exactly soaking in for you, look at this video of developed men battling to seat press 225 pounds.

Questions everyone asks about her

  1. How old is Maryana Naumova?

Maryana Aleksandrovna Naumova brought into the world on 22 April 1999 in Staraya Russa is at 21 years old as of Jan 2021.

  1. What number of world records does Maryana Naumova hold?

She holds 15 world records in her age classification and holds the title of Master of Sport of Russia, International Class. Additionally, she is the main female under-18 to be interested in proficient powerlifting competitions.

  1. What amount are the total assets of Maryana Naumova?

Naumova has total assets of around $500 thousand starting at 2021 which she has gathered from her weightlifting vocation just as from a few sponsorships.

4. Does maryana namova play bubg or she is a one of the best pubg player?

we don’t know if you know she plays bubg then comment to inform us.

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